Caroline Dougherty

fine illustration and design

Caroline Dougherty

fine illustration and design

Science Delivery Design

UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC)

Malaise: a Horror Anthology

Malaise, ed. I. Barbacuta, L. Loader

Shousetsu Bang*Bang

Shousetsu Bang*Bang

Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology, vol. 1–2

Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology, vol. 1 ed. Andy Lee, Angela Tong / vol. 2 ed. Andy Lee, Laura MacMahon

Occult illustration suite

Personal work

The Red Bloom

Strange Horizons


Invisible Illness, ed. Mimosa Björn and Sofie Wikström

Hunter's Moon

Dandelion Wine Collective’s The Sun and the Wayward Wind, ed. P. Hernando and B. Shin


Dirty Birds Press

Ladies of Literature vol. 2

Ladies of Literature vol.2 (Arielle Jovellanos, Janet Sung)

Light Grey Art Lab gallery pieces

Light Grey Art Lab

Eat Skate Love

Eat Skate Love, ed. Mari Pollick et al


The Raven Arcana

The Abhorsen Chronicles

Personal work

Custom Holiday Cards

Personal project

1001 Knights

1001 Knights, ed. Kevin Stanton and Annie Stoll

La Mort d'Un Fruit

One Kingdom

One Kingdom Captive Prince Charity Fanzine

Until Dawn

Corvid Games (

Candlekeep 2018 pin

Candlekeep Presents : Tyrants & Renegades (Gen Con 2018)

L'Heure Verte

Bedside Press


Personal work

Holidays 2015

Personal work


Personal work